October 30, 2023 | Announcements

Burlington City Council Achieves Unanimous Approval for Four-Unit Residential Properties

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In a significant move to address the ongoing housing crisis in Burlington, Ontario, city council members united in a unanimous vote today to support a motion permitting the construction of four-unit residential properties. The proposal, championed by Ward 4 councillor Shawna Stolte and Ward 3 councillor Rory Nisan, is aimed at bolstering the city’s housing inventory while preserving its distinctive aesthetic appeal, as emphasized by Mayor Marianne Meed Ward on her official website.

This decision aligns seamlessly with the conditions set forth for the approval of Housing Accelerator Fund applications, which the city of Burlington submitted on August 18th, requesting $40 million in federal funding. Councillor Stolte underscored the gravity of the housing situation, stating, “All parts of Canada, including Burlington, are in the midst of a housing crisis.” She went on to remind the council that on June 21, 2022, Burlington City Council unanimously endorsed the city’s inaugural housing strategy, delineating 12 pivotal actions to shape the overarching vision for housing in Burlington.

Of these 12 key actions, three stand out prominently: fostering a robust rental housing market, promoting a diverse range of housing types and styles, and increasing awareness and capacity. While the new four-unit residential properties may be comparatively compact, they hold the promise of enhanced affordability, contributing to the creation of a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse community, as highlighted in the motion.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward shared a personal perspective, stating, “I have three kids in their 20s who are still living at home. Personally, I love it. But they don’t have a choice. There’s nowhere for them to go and even if there was, they couldn’t afford it.” Her remarks underscored the urgent need to address housing affordability and availability in Burlington.

To ensure that the city does not witness the emergence of vacant “ghost neighbourhoods” characterized by empty houses or apartments, Mayor Meed Ward stressed the importance of residents occupying these new housing units.

In the next phase of this initiative, council members will collaborate with city staff and engage with the community to determine the best methods for accommodating these new units and integrating them into municipal bylaws, in a concerted effort to pave the way for a more accessible and dynamic housing landscape in Burlington. We will keep you updated as this continues to develop.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you may be able to take advantage of these changes please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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